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Bright Blue, Cot (100% Cotton) Kids Zip Sheets

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Give your kids the comfort of sleep with Kids Zip Sheets!  This Bright Blue Cot sized Kids Zip Sheets comes with a matching pillow case, a custom made attachable flat sheet and a fitted sheet (72cm x 135cm x 25cm).  Worried about your kids getting tangled inside their bed sheets?  The Standard Cot Kids Zip Sheet features an adjustable top flat sheet.  Simply adjust the top sheet using the snap fasteners located at the side of the sheets to place your child at the bottom of the bed sheet.  It also features an open area at the bottom of each side giving your child ventilation during hot summer nights. This versatile product is perfect for any season all year long!

Please note: These snap fasteners can be quite firm so, when adjusting the length of the top sheet, the fasteners may need to be separated using your fingernails.  Pulling at the fabric to undo these will cause the sheet to rip.  Suitable for children aged 12 months +.   If you have a child under 2 years of age you must use this product responsibly.

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Product Description

Kids Bed Sheets in 100% Cotton with Zips – Kids Zip Sheets

The gift of a complete and relaxing sleep is very important for your growing child.  With Kids Zip Sheets for Cot Sized beds, your little kids are securely kept tucked in their beds all night long.  Kids Zip Sheets in Cot Size features an easy to adjust top sheet that has 3 different lengths and can be adjusted using the snaps fasteners on the sides of the sheets.  This allows you to fold your top sheet all away to the bottom.  You can adjust them as your child grows.  All Standard Cot sets comes with 1 x fitted sheet (72cm x 135cm x 25cm) and 1 x attached custom made flat sheet and 1 x pillow case.  During summer nights, your kids are still provided with ventilation located part way down each side of the sheet.

Suitable for children aged 12 months +.  If you have a child under 2 years of age you must use this product responsibly.   It is your responsibility to ensure you use the press studs to shorten the top sheet.  This product may cause a suffocation hazard if it is not used as intended.

Bed Size:  Standard Cot Size (72cm x 135cm x 25cm)

Pattern: Bright Blue

Material: 100% Cotton

Thread Count: 250

Care:  Machine wash cool water, gentle cycle, can be dried on low heat in the dryer for a short period.

Delivery:  In stock items delivery is within  3-5 days.


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