• Easter Day and Easter Egg Hunt

    Once again, it is that time of the year for reflection and for catching up with our spiritual side. Lent may seems to be a time to connect with friends and families or a time to go out and enjoy the sun. But, for some, lent is the time to go back and catch up…
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  • Essentials for Transitioning Your Kids from Kindy to Big School

    The days really fly so fast. I can still feel the warmth and the fun that the Holiday Season has offered just a month ago and now, January is about to reach its end. Kids here in Queensland are going back to school in a few days and helping kids move up from Kindy to…
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  • Trending Accessories and Furniture for Your Kids Bedroom for 2016

    Zippered Bed Sheets
    Christmas is just a few days away and the New Year is just right around the corner. New trends in home décor and design are about to grace magazine covers and blogs in no time.  This includes the latest design, décor and accessories for your bedrooms as well. Bright colors and shades of blue dominated…
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  • Trick or Treat this Halloween 2015

    Just a few more days left and we’ll get to see kids and adults alike sprawl around the neighborhood in their scariest costumes for this year’s Halloween and Trick or Treat. There are many ideas and inspirations to choose from and try for Halloween via the web. Here are a few of the interesting things…
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  • Cool Gifts for your Kids this Christmas

    Christmas is just a few weeks away and kids are definitely excited to receive their gifts for being good this year. There are dozens of cool gifts that will definitely excite and please your little ones. However, being the wise and practical mummy that you are, getting something that is both beneficial and fun for…
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  • Bed Sheets: A Brief History and its Evolution

    History reveals an interesting journey on how beds and bed sheets evolved throughout time. Life was indeed simple but style was always considered as the main factor when it came to beds and bed linens. The Middle Ages was considered the most beautiful era in history. Beds during this period were made out of feather….
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  • Top 5 Things to Buy with your Tax Return Cheque for your Kids

    What to buy with your tax refund this year
    Tax season is finally over and several Australians will receive payment notifications after faithfully fulfilling their duties as good citizens of the country. A very nice tax return will definitely look good in your bank account, but you can always opt to treat your kids to something they would love this year. Here are five…
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  • Movie Ticket Giveaway

    We have just launched cinema advertising with Reading Cinemas across Australia and to celebrate we have 5 double movie passes to giveaway. How can you win?  Tell us in 20 words or less why you love your Kids Zip Sheets.  You must be an exisiting customer that has already purchased with us.  Alternatively, for new…
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  • Kids Zip Sheets are designed to keep your children in bed so they don’t fall out!

    When Kids Zip Sheets were first designed, our creator had her children test them for about 6 months before she decided to go into the business of selling them. This is her story: “They were amazing! They kept the top sheet on all night preventing my children from catching a chill and I felt a…
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