Busy Kid

Are Your Children Over Scheduled?

Children nowadays are as busy as adults. They have household chores to do, a soccer game practice to attend at, ballet classes, piano lessons, school work, swimming, art classes and the regular visit to their Grand Parents every weekend. Take time to stop dear parents, you might not be aware but your kids might have…


Helping your Child Improve their Sleeping Habits

Putting your child to sleep is sometimes the hardest chore every parent has to deal with during the earlier stages of their children’s life. Teaching them and establishing good sleeping habits in the early stages will help them develop into stronger kids, mentally and physically. Thus good sleeping habits are really important. Here are some…


Sleep and Halloween for your Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and children are both excited and slightly horrified with the coming of this holiday season. Making them sleep in their own bed and own room during this night can sometimes be a heavy task to do. Tire them out with some spooky fun games to have them sleeping comfortably…